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Schedule a free diagnostic check. You just don’t know the cause of that sound in the car.
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Vehicle Maintenance

There are several ways to have a vehicle maintenance without spending much money.
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Get More Horsepower

Discover quick, easy and safe ways to increase your engine’s power and improve performance.
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How to buy the right car battery

Find out how to choose the right car battery – even before you need a new one.
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Decipher engine sensors

Find out what different engine sensors do – and what they mean for your car.
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Replacing windshield wipers

Recognize the warning signs of bad blades and learn about replacement options.
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  • How to Change the Brake Pads

    Say so long to squealing, worn-out brakes. Associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla puts a VW Rabbit up on the lift at Pop Mech’s Detroit garage to show you step-by-step how to:

    * Remove calipers
    * Retract pistons
    * Inspect and install rotors and pads
    * Remove excess fluid from the reservoir.

  • How to Change The Oil and Oil Filter

    How to Change The Oil and Oil Filter on Your Car

    Rob from MicksGarage demonstrates how to do a full oil and filter service on your car. For the purpose of this demo we’re using a 2005 to 2009 model VW Passat with the 1.9tdi engine.

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  • How to change your car tire

    Q. What if the ground is soft? A. I have had jacks sink into the dirt and not lift the car at all. To fix that I looked for debris on the side of the road. I was lucky and found some plywood to put under the jack.

    Q. What if I cant loosen the nut? A. Try hitting the nut a few times, it may help to loosen the crud and crust. Didn’t help? Try standing on the tire iron and use your body weight to loosen it. Or you can use the jack to lift the wrench. Or if you have a pipe near, you can slip it over the tire iron and use it for extra leverage.

    Q. I am an idiot and lost all 5 nuts and now can’t secure the tire, what do I do? A. Take one nut off each off the other 3 tires and drive home like an old lady on Sunday.

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  • How to check your oil level

    Step 1: Park the car
    Park the car on a level surface, like a flat driveway.

    Step 2: Turn off engine
    Turn the engine off.

    Step 3: Locate dipstick
    Open the hood and locate the dipstick. Its handle is usually yellow and shaped like a crossbar.

    If you can’t find the dipstick, check your owner’s manual.

    Step 4: Wipe off stick
    Pull the dipstick out and, using a rag or paper towel, wipe off the stick.

    Step 5: Locate marks
    Locate the two marks: “Add” and “Full.”

    Step 6: Slide in dipstick
    Slide the dipstick back into its slot, pushing it all the way down, before pulling it out again.

    Step 7: Check oil line
    See where the line of oil reaches on the stick. If it falls at or below the “Add” line, then you need to add oil.

    Step 8: Remove fill cap
    Remove the oil fill cap–it’s usually marked with an icon that looks like Aladdin’s magic lamp — and place the funnel into the opening.

    Step 9: Pour in oil
    Pour a quarter of the bottle into the funnel. Add the oil slowly so it doesn’t go above the “Full” mark.

    Use only the kind of oil recommended by your manual.

    Step 10: Keep rechecking
    Keep rechecking the oil until it’s between “Add” and “Full.”

    If your oil is consistently on the low side, you may have a leak. Have your car checked by a professional.

    Step 11: Replace cap
    Remove the funnel and replace the oil cap.

    Step 12: Replace dipstick
    Replace the dipstick, making sure it’s all the way in. Close the hood — and take her for a spin!

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  • Basic Car maintenance

    There are basic car maintenance knowledge everyone driving a car should have and this video teaches you these things. Even before going for a driving test, it is better to have this knowledge.

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